A Company founded on three pillars – Analyst. Consultant. Partner. Together, we execute projects which deliver not just applications, but also business value.

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We analyze your business process, we consult on technology and we deliver business value.

The formula for business success is simple. Drive innovation with IT. At WPS, we have taken this a step ahead. We use our KPI-driven approach for any initiative, be it an internal project, building an application for a customer, or while engaging a new partner. This has helped our customers and partners realize business value in their investments.

The idea of this approach took shape when we executed a few projects on Analytics. We felt the traditional business blueprint method of converting spreadsheets to a dashboard was inefficient and outdated. We knew that building an analytics platform goes beyond mere visualization. The need to align the visualization with actual business KPI’s was paramount. The approach was simple.

KPI -> Values -> Data -> Applications

We didn’t stop at that. We took this approach to deliver…anything.

What’s In A Name?


A White paper is an authoritative report that helps readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or arrive at a decision. It could also mean a blank sheet of paper synonymous with a clean slate.

It goes a lot with what we do every day. We Conceptualise, plus Create, execute at Scale, and deliver as One.

Our Story


From drafting proposals on a typewriter to faxing purchase orders to emails and executing on-line transactions; from dial-up modems to leased line connectivity to high-speed ethernet at your doorstep;  from building stand-alone applications to implementing ERP for large enterprises to solutions “Beyond ERP”; from on-premise solutions to cloud applications and hybrid to edge computing, we have witnessed the remarkable transition of businesses from an analog to digital and now towards intelligent systems.

We have traveled through the above transition for more than two decades cutting across multiple industries and been a part of customer success stories helping them during these transformations.

The longstanding relationship with our customers and our desire for continuous learning and improvement has helped in successfully delivering business value.

Our Team

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Growth Hacker

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Talent Acquisition Head

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Technical Head

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